An international breath of air

Assistant professor Lucy Malakar from Ohio has been guest lecturing at ZIBAT for two months. As an expert in economics she has lectured at four out of five campuses at ZIBAT – and is described as amazing by the students.

”A, B, C or D. Which one is it?” Lucy Malakar has explained some economic curves and posed a question to the 25 1. Semester marketing management students present this day at Campus Nykøbing F.

This is the second class Lucy Malakar teaches today, and her pace is fast.

”Yes, A is the right answer. The number of jobs will increase,” she says after a brief dialogue with a student.

Lucy Malakars visit is a result of a new partnership between Lorain County Community College in Ohio in the United States and ZIBAT. Already two students have been in Ohio, and now Lucy Malakar has been teaching at ZIBAT.

”She is really energetic, and you really want to learn when you listen to her teaching. Particularly the multiple choice part was effective,” says marketing management student Maria Haubroe Hansen after the lecture.

“It was exciting to have a teacher with another cultural background. She used some other examples than we are used to,” says Maria Haubroe Hansen and a fellow student, Weronika Charkot, sums it up in one short sentence:

“She’s amazing!”

Lucy Malakar has a master in economics and teaches micro- and macroeconomics. Lecturing two months at ZIBAT she not only gives the students a breath of fresh international air, she also gets something in return:

“My stay at ZIBAT gives me an opportunity to make my teaching more international. And it gives me new examples to use in class. For instance about taxes or the price of gas,” she says.

Will there be exchange students from Ohio at ZIBAT in near future?

“There will. When I return, I’ll tell my students about Denmark. And there will be students who would like to be exchange students at ZIBAT,” she says with a broad smile.

Lucy Malakar has been teaching economics to finance -, commerce -, marketing – and logistic managers at four campuses at ZIBAT from the first of September to the first of November.