Bachelor Programmes

Tuition fee for Non-EU/EEA residents:

Bachelor top-up programmes: The tuition fee for non-EU/EEA student is:



Tuition fee for Danish, Scandinavian and EU/EEA residents
There is no tuition fee for Danish, Scandinavian and EU/EEA residents. However, students must anticipate expenses towards study materials, including books, photocopying, field trips and trips abroad. The anticipated price for textbooks range between DKK 1,000 – 5,000 per year depending on the programme you have been admitted to.

Terms of payment (tuition fee)
For a detailed description of our terms of payment, and terms of withdrawal and refund of tuition fee please go to our Payment Policy and Terms of payment. Below are the most important issues extracted in short for reference purpose only:

Terms of Payment

  • When applying from abroad:
    The full tuition fee for the first year must be prepaid before final admission can be confirmed by us.
    The following semester’s tuition fee is prepaid.
  • When applying from Denmark:
    The tuition fee for the first semester must be prepaid before final admission can be confirmed by us.
    The following semester’s tuition fee is prepaid.

Withdrawal and refunding of prepaid tuition fee
We only refund your prepaid tuition fee in the following cases:

1.  If you are not granted a visa the tuition fee deposit will be refunded to you less an administration fee of DKK 1,000.

2.  If for other reasons you do not wish to take up your place in the programme, half (one semester) of the tuition fee deposit will be lost.

3.  If you are granted a residence permit by the Danish Immigration but you do not attend the programme introduction, we will assume that you have withdrawn from the programme unless you have previously informed us of your reasons for not being there. In such cases, the full tuition fee deposit will be lost.

Every year a number of scholarships are made available by the Danish Government for  non-EU/EEA applicants only (Ordinary higher education programmes only). Such scholarships are normally awarded for one year at a time.

You can only apply for the scholarship if you apply for admission as a full-degree student. This means that you must deposit the required tuition fee with us for final admission purpose. If you should be granted a scholarship the deposited tuition fee will be returned to you in full.

Please go to scholarships for further details, application form, application procedures and deadlines.

Fees and Finance
In general Zealand can not recommend that international students finance their education in Denmark via private or commercial loans. In general, living costs in Denmark are so high that studying in Denmark requires that students have a relatively good and sound financial background.

Zealand can never be held liable or responsible for loans, private or commercial, nor be held liable for the interests of such loan in the event that a student needs to finance parts of the tuition fee or borrow to cover living expenses.




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