Programme courses

Programme information:

The two-year-program is divided into four semesters, 120 ECTS. During the first two semesters of the programme the following subjects are offered:

The first semester is structured on the basis of two main projects:

  • Market and Society
  • The Company’s external environment

These are the subjects:
Personal Development, Creative Problem Solving, Controlling and Planning, Organization and Leadership, Customer Relationship Management, Legislation, Business Communication, International relations, Marketing and Sales, Statistical Analysis and Measurement

The second semester is structured on the basis of two main projects:

  • The Company’s Internal Environment
  • From theory to Practice

The student can choose from the following two subjects:

  • Sales Management or
  • Business Economics

The third and fourth semester – Internship:
The internship takes place in the third and fourth semester and is combined with seminars, examinations and a final project (dissertation). The student is thus able to ensure a good theoretical foundation in the first year before the paid internship begins.



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Facts about the programme

Titel: AP Degree in Commerce Management
Duration: 2 years
Semesters: 4
ETCS credits: 120