Land of Legends participate in Innovation Camp

Danish and International students from the International Sales and Marketing PBA programme at Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, Roskilde has just finalized Innovation Camp – 2 intensive days, where the assignment was to come up with new creative ideas to educational activities, leisure activities and marketing suggestions for (the Organization) the Learning Activity-Center called Land of Legends, Lejre. In total, there were 69 students participating in The Innovation Camp, 41 international students and 28 Danish students, divided in to 11 groups. On day 3 an event occurred, where each group got the possibility to present their creative ideas as prototypes in paper/carbon, videos and wall sheets to Erik Bruun Frantsen, responsible for the Valley of Fire and library at Land of Legends Lejre. And Erik Bruun Frantsen was by his own words” very happy about the creative ideas shown”.

Land of Legend Lejre
Land of Legend Lejre and Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT) have had for years now a partnership agreement. That goes for most of our educational programmes.

Earlier on for example our food process programme- and computer science students have made a food project with Land of Legend. The co-operation is also beneficial for students that can do their business internship programme for 10-12 weeks at Land of Legend Lejre, if they like.


Innovation Camp
Businesses today are not solely in demand for students that have strong analytical skills, which normally is the primary learning on all educational institutions today. They also ask for students, that during their education have been trained in creative thinking.

Creative thinking is a discipline like everything else, that can be taught and be learned by everybody. It is all about putting the creative thinking in motion trough different creative exercises. It sounds easy, but in reality – it is not. The starting point is always, when are we typically in our most creative mode. It is just before we go to sleep, when taking a shower, on vacation and in the small breaks, during the day.

“How do you manage to put ‘these breaks’ into a flow, so everybody starts opening up for his or her creative side? That can happen as mentioned before by making a lot of creative exercises where everybody is asked to ‘switch off’ the analytical part of his or her brain. When we start doing these exercises many students and business people for that matter is not keen on getting out of their comfort zone, be out of control so to speak, and participate in the games that they are presented with. When that said, most people surrender eventually and have great fun, while participating in the games,” says Helle Thomsen, assistant professor with the responsibility of planning and executing the Innovation Camp.

The concept as a mandatory element
The students at International Sales and Marketing PBA programme at Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, Roskilde are typically within the age group of 22-27 years old, and that is exactly the target group that Land of Legend Lejre would like to get in touch with, besides the many families, schools, Danish and International tourist during the holidays and companies, that uses the Land of Legends territory, the beautiful nature reserve of today.

The international students, that participated, comes from many different countries all over the world, which means that they come with very different cultural backgrounds, and therefore will look upon the many creative ideas with different perspectives. That is very beneficial, that could be of help in gaining more foreign guest to visit the Land of Legend Lejre in the future.

The concept of Land of Legend was the starting point for all the creative ideas, that the students came up with. As Land of Legend expressing it themselves: “Cultural – and nature reserve experiences is the backbone of Land of Legend concept and activities.”

“That happens in re-constructed environments from the stone age, the iron age, the Viking age and the 1800 years.”


There were many creative ideas
All students came up with new business solutions within the newest technology, such as new apps, virtual reality glasses, 3D and 7D presentations and trailers to television and cinema, all of this to create attention about The Land of Legend in Denmark and abroad.

Activities for the 43ha (107,5 Acre) nature reserve of Land of Legend Lejre, the students came up with new creative ideas to target groups such as singles, couples, families, young people, children and companies.
Just to mention some of the many creative ideas: Viking clothes competition, food competition, circle of life: from pig to plate, reality show, Floffy Morten, Viking run/Orienteering race and Viking games.
Erik Brunn Frantsen from Land of Legend express his enthusiasm for the many creative ideas like this:

“When I heard that you (students) only have had 2 days of preparation for this event today, I am really impressed about your effort and results. On the other hand, that you have only had that short of time, is also very good practice in meeting the short deadlines that you will have to work with in real life. Thank you very much, for your big effort made!”

Erik ended his speech by handing out a free ticket to each one of the students for the upcoming season 2017 at Land of Legend Lejre, a very nice present to everybody. The students were also encouraged to apply for an internship at Land of Legend Lejre, by doing that they can be part of implementing their own creative ideas for real.


Participant from Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, Roskilde
Head of studies: Poul Faarup
Assistant professor: Helle Thomsen
Assistant professor: Ulla Terese Kræmer
Student administration: Rikke Strandlund

Land of Legend:
Responsible for the area of Fire valley and Library, Erik Brunn Frantsen