More than 40 nations have joined ZIBAT this autumn

ZIBAT attracts a worldwide variety of students. Spain, Iceland, Uganda, Panama and China – just to mention a few – are all represented at ZIBAT. In total students from 44 different nationalities embarked on their higher education programmes this autumn 2014. Alvaro Miralles from Spain is one of them.

”It is one of our strategic aims is to have a wide range of students from a lot of different countries. We have students from Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Greenland,” says Head of Campus Køge and Head of ZIBAT International, Jørgen Heramb.

19 year old Alvaro Miralles (picture above) from Spain is one of ZIBATs new students. Alvaro Miralles studies Multimedia Design and Communication.

“I always wanted to study somewhere outside Spain. I think it is a very important experience for students to study abroad. And I wanted to know other cultures,” says Alvaro Miralles who lives with five other international students in an apartment in Køge.

Why did you choose Denmark?

“I love the Nordic countries and I have family in Sweden. Visiting them I have also been in Denmark and I fell in love with the country. I also think it is a positive thing that my English skills will get better here, and that Denmark has a good design reputation.”

You live in Køge near the Campus?

“Yes. I was tired of living in a big city. I grew up in Madrid with noise and a lot of cars. That is why I don’t live in Copenhagen here. I live close to Copenhagen but not in Copenhagen,” says Alvaro Miralles who lives in Køge which is 30 minutes by train from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

Why did you choose to study Multimedia Design and Communication?

“I love working on the computer. And between the different bachelor programmes I find that Multimedia Design is the most interesting. Also there are a lot of possibilities afterwards in what to work with.”

Why did you choose ZIBAT?

“I like the way ZIBAT works with companies. Our projects are related to what companies need. They give us information about what is needed from us when we finish our studies.”

What do you think of being here so far?

“Actually, when I spoke to my family I said to them that I have found my place,” says a pleased Alvaro Miralles.