13. februar 2015
GRADUATION: 20 new E-Concept Developers

20 new E-Concept Developers recently graduatet at Campus Køge. They are now ready to join the labour market or continue their studies on a higher level with a master or a candidate.

Head of Campus, Jørgen Heramb, Head of Studies, John Thrane, and a team of lecturers gave addresses to the happy graduates.

Teknisk Landsforbund, a Danish labour union, was also present and gave out prizes for Best Fellow Students ie. Krishna Sapkota and Nanna Bodenhoff.

Thanks to Ana Belic for the lovely pictures.

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13. november 2014
How to make our students more innovative?

Future job-markets will be in need of entrepreneurs and job-creators. But how do we make sure that our students are highly innovative and entrepreneurial? Microsoft and ZIBAT came up with some of the answers on a seminar 12. November 2014 at ZIBAT Campus Roskilde.

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30. oktober 2014
ZIBAT students visit London School of Business & Finance (LSBF)

As part of LSBF’s efforts to strengthen and expand academic collaboration with intuitions worldwide, a delegation of 40 students and faculty from the Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT) in Denmark visited the Red Lion Street campus in central London for an academic workshop.

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23. oktober 2014
Chinese partner, Dalian Nationalities University, visits ZIBAT

Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT) had the honour of hosting a visit from one of their Chinese partners, Dalian Nationalities University (DNU), from the northern part of China.

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22. oktober 2014
The whole world meets at Campus Nykøbing F

Usually as a student you would only read about it in thick books. Though, this particular day in October students at ZIBAT Campus Nykøbing F had the opportunity to meet a woman who incarnated it all – high politics in Germany, executive management in a multinational company and ambassador in Qatar.

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22. oktober 2014
An international breath of air

Assistant professor Lucy Malakar from Ohio has been guest lecturing at ZIBAT for two months. As an expert in economics she has lectured at four out of five campuses at ZIBAT – and is described as amazing by the students.

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7. oktober 2014
International trends: Debate at ZIBAT Nykøbing F.

Use the opportunity to discuss international trends with guest lecturer!

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2. oktober 2014
ZIBAT shares Danish entrepreneurship with China

A growing number of employees and higher education graduates in China are experiencing that jobs aren’t as secure – or as attainable – as previously, in an increasingly competitive global economy. In order to combat unemployment and to develop alternative employment strategies the Henan Provincial Human Resource and Social Security Bureau invited Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, ZIBAT, to hold a training seminar on innovation and entrepreneurship in the Henan Province.

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30. september 2014
ZIBAT in creative cooperation with concert venue, GIMLE

Concert venue GIMLE in Roskilde benefits from innovative and creative students from ZIBAT Campus Roskilde. GIMLE is an example of ZIBATs many cooperations with local business and venues.

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5. september 2014
We practice what we learn in theory

About 500 international students have decided on ZIBAT this study start 2014. Student Jana Janecková from Czech Republic explains why studying at ZIBAT is an attractive venture.

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