Part-time Job

Students at Higher Educational programmes are normally allowed to work 15 hours a week after school hours (full time work during the summer holiday). The salary for student jobs is approximately DKK 80-100 per hour (EUR 11 – 15).

We strongly advise international students not to apply for studying in Denmark if they must rely 100% on the money they can make through a part-time job. Living costs in Denmark are so high that it will be very difficult to live if you don’t have financial support from your home/family.

We cannot assist students in finding a part-time work. Neither can we be responsible or guarantee that a student can find a part time job. In general the possibilities of finding a part-time job are quite competitive and most students will experience that finding a part-time job may take ½ – 1 year. We normally recommend new students to use their fellow students and what can be learned from their experience in terms of finding a part-time job.

Students normally work within the service industry, e.g. at hotels, within cleaning or handing out newspapers etc. You must pay income tax of the income earned in Denmark, app. 40%.


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