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Programme courses

The study programme is a 1½ year full-time programme which corresponds to 90 ECTS credits.

The programme is divided into three semesters including a company internship and a bachelor project in a company. During the first two semesters the programme you will be working with practical and theoretical areas covering the following subjects:

  • Databases and XML where you analyse and use the rational model and/or XML as an integrated part of a web application
  • Development environments and CMS where you make a choice between development environments in relation to platform and network. Furthermore, you must be able to choose between Content Management Systems depending on which functionalities and platform you want
  • Web communication and network sociology where you may work with development of network based communication solutions across platforms, media and applications
  • Interface design and Digital aesthetics where you work with the link between function and form taking into consideration aesthetics and user aspects
  • Advanced media technologies where you may analyse and produce advanced media technological productions. Especially, you will work with video,sound and animation
  • Project Management where you will work with the processes needed to run?an organisation
  • Security, where you will work with data security
  • Philosophies of science where you will study key concepts and theories to describe the relations between man, science and  technology

The third semester focuses on the internship and the final bachelor project.

The company internship (normally unpaid) is comparable with a full-time job with the same requirements concerning working hours, contribution, commitment and flexibility which the graduate would expect to find in his/her first job. The aims and the objectives of the internship is decided by the student and two supervisors (one from the college and one from the company). The internship period concludes with an evaluation based upon a written report made by the student and an evaluation scheme done by the company.

The Bachelor project will take the central topics of the study programme as its starting point and can contain elements from the internship. The problem statement for the project is prepared by the student, preferably in cooperation with a company.




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Facts about the programme

Titel: Bachelor of Web Development
Duration: 1,5 year
Semesters: 3
ETCS credits: 90