Team Relocations gets ideas from Innovation Camp

Bachelor International and Sales students from campus Roskilde and campus Næstved has just finalized an Innovation Camp. Their main task was to support the company Team Relocations with new business ideas and ways of selling their services to companies that relocate employees on jobs abroad for a shorter or longer period time. In total, there were 64 students participating in The Innovation Camp, a blend of International students and Danish students, divided in to 13 groups. The groups have done a very good job was the response of our contact at Team Relocations Louise Langkjær, she was the one to evaluate the groups presentation at the very end.

Team Relocation
A short description of the company that the students at the education programme Bachelor International Marketing and Sales worked for: “Team Relocations is a trusted and experienced international relocation and move management company. Whether you’re moving to Singapore or Paris, we are here to make the relocation as smooth and simple as possible.” Local expertise; Global coverage. With 34 operating locations across 13 countries, we have the knowledge and coverage to facilitate any relocation. Wherever you are based, we will provide you with a single point of co-ordination to work with you throughout the process.”

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Innovation Camp
Why is Innovation Camp a mandatory element in the education programme of Business International and Sales? Today, academic learning about theories and models and how to use them in practice in a company is not enough. Businesses today also seek students that are able to push their creative part of their brain and think out the box and create new innovative business ideas for them.

How to set up a creative environment at school or in a company in which the students or employees can come up with new business ideas. This is a discipline to learn like everything else, that some of the teachers are specialized in performing. These skills is used, when we do the Innovation Camp with the students.

There were many creative ideas
All 13 groups had a variety of good business ideas or marketing/communication ideas for Team Relocations.  Most of the new business ideas could be categories within suggestions about: new customers group to reach out for by Team Relocations and how to improve the webpage and suggestions for new apps, new ideas for marketing campaign and social events and how to use sustainability in the branding part as well.

Louise Langkjær from Team Relocations was quite impressed about the effort that the students had put into this Innovation Camp project. She was happy about the amount and variety of new ideas, that the groups came up with and some of ideas was that well planned that they could be implemented right away.

The presentation of the ideas toke place at Resourcecity, Næstved
The presentations of the new business ideas for Team Relocations toke place at Resourcecity in Næstved. They were so kind to let us use their warehouse building for free in which the students groups showed their creative ideas to Team Relocations. The commercial price went to a group who had a complete plan for a new customers group. The creative price went to a group which main idea was how to use charity, recycling and sustainability in a new creative way. Finally, a price was given to the group who had the best planned and fun presentation of their ideas.


Participant from Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, Roskilde and Næstved

Bachelor International Marketing and Sales: International and Danish students

Assistant professor & article by: Helle Margrethe Bøje Thomsen

Assistant professor:  Tinashe Wellington Nyamukapa

Assistant professor: Anine Thomsen


Team Relocations:

Participant from: Global Account Management & Development, Louise Langkjær