Zealand Næstved

Femøvej 3
4700 Næstved
Tlf: + 45 5076 2640

Campus Næstved

Explore student life as a global citizen in a safe environment.

Zealand Næstved focuses on creating an academically rewarding as well as a safe and supporting extracurricular environment for all our students. We have a strong emphasis on building Intercultural Competencies both in students and staff and mix international student activities with Danish student activities whenever possible.

Zealand Næstved allocates a lot of resources and attention to catering for our student’s needs. We have a modern study environment, with stimulating academic learning and forward-looking teaching methods. We value a close relationship with the surrounding business life and many of our teachers have extensive experience from the business sector as well as their academic competencies.

Zealand Næstved offer modern facilities to all students – such as wireless internet, library and open learning areas.

In Næstved we provide our students with cheap accommodation (1.750,00 DKK pr. month) during their first semester. The student hostel is located in the city of Næstved approximately 10 minutes from Campus.

Student Life Training
STL is our philosophy of student-counseling and it means that we have a holistic view on students and their needs. Student life does not end when the class is over and international students are faced not only with academic challenges but also the challenge of living in another country.  Campus Næstved have an “open door”-policy towards our students and the staff is available around the clock – almost – for talks about everything from academic goals to “how to get an appointment with a dentist”.

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