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After the Mobility “nice to know / need to know”

Before departure there are a number of issues needing your attention.

Zealand Mobility office will upon completion of your exchange send your Award Letter and Certificate of Completion (transcript of records) in accordance with the Learning Agreement joined before the exchange. We will send it to you no later than five weeks after the end of your exchange mobility (but normally earlier).

Leaving Demark and deregistration

When you leave Denmark (holidays exempted), you must inform the authorities that you leave Denmark again and return back home.

It does not cost you anything to report and deregister. However, you must do it within the deadline from 28 days before you leave and no later than your day of departure.

If you miss the deadline you will receive a fine of DKK 1000 (2020).

You deregister and report leaving Denmark by using the online self-service solution below before you leave.

Go here for online deregister by using NemID

Recognition by your home institution, Danish Grading system and Grade conversion

When you return back home you need to ask your home institution for recognition of credits awarded by Zealand in accordance with the Learning Agreement joined. Please refer to the relevant procedures to be observed at your home institution.

If your home institution convert your awarded grade to another national system/standard, then below may be relevant.

The grading system used in all state-regulated education since August 2007 is the 7-point grading scale. The grading scale is compatible with the ECTS grading scale.

Danish marks and degrees

A minimum grade of 02 is required to pass an examination or test. Apart from the 7-point grading scale, pass/fail assessment may also be used.

The student’s performance or proficiency is assessed according to academic targets set up for the specific subject or course (absolute grading method). The relative grading method must not be used. It is nevertheless expected that the overall distribution of grades over a certain period of time should reflect the following distribution of grades:

General Grade Distribution in Higher Education in Denmark and Zealand Distribution

Confirmation of stay / attendance

Your home institution may need us to confirm/certify that you have been with Zealand as well as your start date and end date. Normally the confirmation needs to be confirmed by signature and stamp in a document forwarded to you by your home institution. Please make sure that our department offer such confirmation before your departure.

Bank account

Remember to close your bank account (if you have any) as well as making arrangements on how your accommodation deposit if paid to you.


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