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During the Mobility "nice to know / need to know"

Here you will find nice to know / need to know information for you upon arrival and during your exchange with Zealand.

Arrival and registration formalities upon arrival to Denmark

Registration for Residence permission to study

NON-EU students arriving to Denmark has already applied and been granted their residence permission (in a “paper” format”) prior to arrival. In your passport you have received a visa sticker to be able to travel here legally but this is NOT your residence permit. Once you arrive in Denmark you need to formalize your residence to have your “residence ID card”. Within 5 days of obtaining your permanent address in Denmark you must register for your Danish CPR number (see below). Once you have registered you will have you residence card issued (may take a couple of weeks).

EU students arriving to Denmark to study need to apply for their EU residence certificate. The EU residence certificate is you permission to stay and live in Denmark as a student. For most students it will be a formality to have – but still you need to apply for it since you need it for having the CPR number, yellow card and tax card.

You apply for you EU residence certificate with SIRI (Danish Immigration Service).

Read more information on how to apply

IMPORTANT: You need to hand in the application in person (so book an appointment). You book the appointment online. Please also note that SIRI offer general on the spot appointments for EU students (you don’t need to pre-book appointment but show up and stand in a stand in queue).

In most cases, you will be issued your residence document on the spot

Fill in the application form online and bring it together with the needed documentation to SIRI:

SIRI Copenhagen
Carl Jacobsens Vej 39
2500 Valby

Registration for CPR number (Civil Personal Registration number)

All Danes have it from birth and international students (both EU and NON-EU) need to register for their personal ID-number while studying in Denmark. To obtain your personal ID-number (cpr number) as an international student in Denmark you will need to register with the Danish Civil Registration System.

Once registered you will be allocated a Civil Personal Registration (CPR) number. The CPR number is unique to the person and is used in Denmark as an ID number. Almost all public authorities use the CPR registry system to e.g. avoid duplicate registration and errors with regards to a person’s identity. The private sector will often ask for your CPR number, for instance when you want to open a bank account.

Zealand exchange students register with “International House” in Copenhagen.

You apply for your CPR number online – also if it is a re-entry, or if you hold an administrative CPR number or a TAX number. You apply now! Don’t wait for your EU residence document. As a Zealand student you apply your CPR number via International House in Copenhagen.

Apply for your CPR number here

When you register with the Civil Registration System and get your CPR number you also will have your “Sundhedskort” (yellow card). From this point on you will be insured by Danish healthcare system for free.

Registration for a tax card with the Danish tax agency

You may wish to try and find a part time job in Denmark during your exchange. You are only able to have a salary paid if you have a tax card. You apply for your tax card with the Danish tax agency called SKAT.

We recommend that you apply your tax card with International House in Copenhagen and you can do it together with applying your CPR number.

See this for more information about tax cards

When you work in Denmark you cannot have your salary paid in cash. You can only have a salary paid if you have a Danish bank account (called a NemKonto).

How to get a bank account

In order to receive your salary and payments from the public sector, you need a NemKonto (Easy Account). You can choose to have either a Danish bank account or your foreign bank account registered as your Nemkonto.

If you want a Danish account, you can contact a Danish bank to set up an account for you and ask them to register it as your NemKonto.

Registration for NemID and Digital Denmark

NemID is your digital signature and your key to digital Denmark. It is impossible to stay in Denmark without a NemID which is a single login for Danish public self-service, Internet banks and government websites. You get your NemID at your local Citizen Service Centre (Borgerservice) who handles NemID. Please remember to bring your passport or ID card and residence permit.

Digital Denmark. Danish public authorities send letters to residents in Denmark using Digital Postal service. It is your own responsibility to check your Digital Mail Box.

You can read your Digital mail from public authorities at or You must use NemID when you log in to or

When you visit or the first time you register your email address or your mobile number. You will then receive an email or a text message whenever you have received a new letter or notice.

International House in Copenhagen

Zealand students can benefit from the services offered by International House in Copenhagen since they can help you with most formalities of registration and getting settled in Denmark. Please vist here to read more:

You can find International House here:

International House
Gyldenløvesgade 11
1600 Copenhagen V (you must pre-book an appointment)

(5 minutes walk from Copenhagen Central Train Station)


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