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Incoming exchange

Explore the possibilities and get started in the process of applying for an exchange with Zealand.

Besides joining Zealand as a full programme student you also have the option to join us for one or two semesters as an exchange student.

In general exchange students are accepted from partner institutions as exchange students under the Erasmus programme or as bilateral exchange students.

Why study in Denmark?

Studying a semester abroad is an amazing experience and both Denmark and Zealand has much to offer. Exchange students join us for a shorter period of time (one or two semesters) to pursue a study abroad experience. The purpose is not to study for a degree. As an exchange student you join us as an integrated part of the programme you are enrolled in with your home institution. The purpose of an exchange is credit transfer of obtained credits back to your home institution and programme.

A note about "free riders"

So called “Free riders” are normally not accepted. If you have an interest in joining us for an exchange then contact with the international office of your home institution. We normally must accept your home institution as a partner institution before we can process your application for an exchange with us.

Nomination deadlines

Joining an Autumn semester:
1 May (15 May for EU/EEA applicants)

Joining a Spring semester:
15 October (1 November for EU/EEA applicants)

Application deadlines

Joining Autumn semester:
15 May for NON-EU exchanges
1 June for EU/EEA exchanges

For joining Spring semester:
1 November for NON-EU exchanges
15 November for EU/EEA exchanges

The Zealand Exchange Learning Experience

Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, Zealand, is an academy of higher education under the supervision of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. In a Danish context an Academy can be compared with a “University of Applied Science”.

Zealand only offer undergraduate exchanges (Short cycle – EQF/NQF level 5 or First cycle – EQF/NQF level 6). No exchange offer for master level/post graduate is available.

Read more about the qualification framework and Zealand programmes

As an Exchange student you will be treated the same way as our full-time international students. You must not expect special treatment and we do not offer special semesters only for exchange students. You will be fully integrated in a running semester in one of our international programme majors.

Your classmates will be Danish as well as international students with a diverse mix of nationalities. The full exchange experience will be offered in English.

Since being a newcomer as an exchange student we will offer an introduction programme as well as buddy programme where one of our students will be your buddy during the first weeks to help you integrate and get settled.

Study and learning approach

Studies at Zealand follow an applied learning approach and are based upon smaller groups of students (compared to large groups in lecture halls). Learning is based on a dialogue approach with a close interaction between lectures and fellow students.

Further, all our programmes are unique in the way that internships and an applied learning approach, are a mandatory integrated part of all programmes.
As an incoming exchange student it is important that you have prior experience in project work and team-/group work.

Partner Nomination and Student Application for exchange mobility

STEP 1: Nomination to Zealand for an exchange experience

If you wish to join Zealand for an exchange semester your home institution as a first step must nominate you for an exchange with us. If not nominated already you are to connect with the relevant office at your home institution for their nomination.

Partner institutions nominate students for an exchange by using the web form below for nomination.

Click here to go to the nomination webform

STEP 2: Student application for an exchange experience

When we have accepted your nomination for an exchange we will connect with by email asking you to file your application with us.

BEFORE you file your application with us you need to orientate yourself on our exchange course catalogue. As part of your application you need to inform us which programme major you wish to join for you exchange.

You also need to prepare a transcripts of record in English from your home institution on your study history (courses passed and semesters) since we need it for evaluating your pre-requisites. NON-EU applicants also need to prepare a pdf copy of their passport since needed to start your application for a visa/study permit.

You apply us by using the web form found on this site for student application.

Click here to go to the student application web form

Exchange students nominated for an exchange learning experience with Zealand use the student application webform to apply and file relevant supporting documentation.

When we have received your exchange application we will issue an exchange admission notification in your favour with relevant before the mobility information.

Joining the Learning Agreement

All incoming bilateral exchanges and exchanges under the Erasmus Plus programme must be agreed by using the right template for formalizing the learning experience with Zealand and recognition of credits obtained at the home institution.

You can use one of below 3 modes for joining a Learning Agreement with us depending on your exchange category:

1. Online Erasmus Plus Learning Agreement /OLA (mandatory from 2021)

This option can ONLY be used for EU exchanges (Erasmus+ programme country exchanges).

Access OLA from here to start the Learning Agreement

You can also use the Erasmus+ app to formalize your Learning Agreement.

Download Erasmus+ App here: Android | iOS (Apple)

2. Erasmus Plus Learning Agreement template

Here you can download (in Word format) the blank template of Erasmus Plus Learning Agreement.

Download Erasmus Plus Learning Agreement (.docx)

3. Bilateral exchanges

Here you can download (in Word format) the blank template of Learning Agreement.

Download Bilateral Learning Agreement

Instructions on how to fill out the Learning Agreement

The template is divided into 3 sections: Before Mobility; During Mobility and After Mobility.

You ONLY fill in the relevant parts under the Before Mobility Section

  1. Insert the relevant academic year and student name in “page header”
  2. First box on page 1: Fill in the relevant information under “student” and “sending institution”
  3. Second box, “Before the Mobility – Table A”: Here you copy the course information (course name and ECTS) from the relevant semester you wish to join with us. Here are the semesters we offer
  4. Third box: Here you indicate your proficiency in “ENGLISH”
  5. Fourth box: “Before the Mobility – Table B”: Here you write the course information (course name and ECTS) which your home institution (sending institution) upon completion of the exchange semester will recognize towards the home institution major. Please note that exchanges under the Erasmus Plus programme must be recognized by the sending institution.
  6. Send us the completed draft Learning Agreement (step 1-6) as a Word document by email. We will finalize the draft and confirm by sending you the signed Learning Agreement as a pdf document for student and sending institution commitment (signatures).
Before, During and After the Mobility

We have compiled some information on what’s nice to know (and what you need to know) before, during, and after your mobility. Please see the relevant pages here:

Before the Mobility

During the Mobility

After the Mobility

Erasmus+ logo

Erasmus charter

Erasmus Policy Statement

Erasmus+ ID: DK KOGE03

OID: E100 70 657


For more information, please write to

Download your brochure

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