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Internship within the EU - Erasmus Plus

Within the EU/EEA countries a typical internship would be implemented under the European Erasmus Plus programme. The internship must take place in one of the EU/EEA member countries/states. An internship under the Erasmus Plus programme must have duration between 2 and 12 months and Zealand must accredit and/or recognize the internship.

Internships are based on the European cooperation programme Erasmus Plus and the internship must be implemented with one of Zealand’s partners abroad, or a company from the students own network and/or contacts abroad. In the last case, the student must independently contact and obtain all relevant information about the internship/placement.
As a new (2015) action under the Erasmus Plus profgramme students can also apply for an Erasmus Plus internship after graduation from the study programme. This new action is called Recent Graduates. To apply for an internship under this action it is a pre-requisite that the internship is approved by the educational institution during the final year of the applicants’ study programme and the internship must end one year after graduation date at the latest.

An internship under the Erasmus Plus programme must follow the procedures and rules set for such internships. Applicants/Interns doing their internship under the Erasmus Plus programme can receive financial support as a grant contribution to cover living expenses if nominated. Nomination is an internal procedure where we qualify Erasmus Plus applicants according to a set of nomination criteria’s. In the download box to your left hand side you can see our nomination criteria’s.
Nominated applicants can have funding for the full duration of the internship, partial funding (combined with a “0”/zero grant), or no funding at all, a zero grant intern. Funding depends on number of applicants and funds available.

Prior to an internship a Learning agreement (Training Agreement) must be joined between the educational institution, the internship host company and the student. Such an agreement must be joined by all parties and further specify the content (tasks) of the internship/placement. The agreement must also specify how many credits (ECTS) the student will be awarded for completing internship. Remember that the agreement must be approved and signed by all parties.
Besides funding from the Erasmus Plus programme Danish students further can take their Danish student grant, “SU”, with them. You can find more information on scholarships, SU and financing on this site.

Erasmus grants are normally not available for non-EU student for internship why non-EU students must be able to finance themselves for living costs etc. during the internship abroad.

How to apply

On this site go to apply if you wish to apply for an internship under the Erasmus Plus Programme. Under apply you find the relevant application procedure for applying and downloadable documents needed to file the application for an Erasmus Plus internship.

You can normally only have one internship with support from the Erasmus Plus programme for same study programme but you can combine an internship with a study abroad semester supported under the Erasmus Plus programme. The duration of both in total cannot exceed 12 months.


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