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Types of scholarships

Approved study abroad and internships within the EU under the Erasmus programme

Through the Erasmus LLP programme a limited number of scholarships (375 EUR/month until September 2011, then 250 EUR/month from September 2011) are available for exchanges with one of our partner institutions/companies.

Applicants who have an Erasmus exchange approved can apply for and be granted a permanent scholarship every month while you are studying abroad (Erasmus grant). Danish applicants will have first priority to these grants. EU students studying in a full-programme at Zealand will have second priority to these grants.

Non-EU full-programme students studying with us can not apply for or be granted an Erasmus grant (refer to fee paying study abroad exchange).

Applications are evaluated and prioritized according to the following criteria:

  • Permanent residence permit in Denmark
  • Academic level
  • Teacher/faculty recommendations
  • Partner Institution
  • Documented relevant reasons for applying for financial support for an exchange, if any.

Applications for the Erasmus scholarship are submitted to your local International/Erasmus Coordinator at your respective Zealand Campus. Your application is then assessed in cooperation with Zealand’s central assessment team who evaluates all applicants and decides which students to be recommended for the Erasmus scholarship.

Payments of the scholarship are made upon the students confirmed arrival with the partner institution/company, paid with a delay of month.

Students can contact with the student counsellor for details of other grants / funds options (though options are limited in most cases).

Approved study abroad and internships outside the EU

General support schemes are not very good and availability of funding and funding amount typically depends on the country where you want to do an exchange. Since the support schemes are always changing, new ones come, and existing ones are revised, we recommend you to stay informed on and through your student counsellor.

The following schemes are currently interesting:

The Denmark-USA/Canada programme: Support may be granted to approved and merited study abroad and internships with up to DKK 12,000 (2011)

Read about other funding opportunities / scholarship schemes at

Approved study abroad and internships outside the EU – the Danish “Udlandsstipendium”

(The following may also apply for exchanges inside EU with European institutions where a tuition fee applies.)

Especially when you want to join for an exchange outside the EU one of the  major problem for many students are the tuition fee to be paid. Especially Danish students realize how lucky they are as students in Denmark where Danish students aren’t meet with a claim for paying tuition fee at higher education programmes/institutions. In many countries, a semester easily is charged costs from DKK 30,000 and up. And text books and other study materials are even not included in this fee but paid separately.

Are you eligible for the Danish SU grant (the Danish State Grant) it has been possible for you to apply for a study abroad scholarship called “Udlandsstipendium” since 1. July 2008. You can apply for this scholarship for international exchanges with duration of minimum half year and even full-degree programmes abroad at Master/Graduate level.

The scholarship covers full or partial tuition fee for a duration of up to 2 years, and you can take your Danish SU with you. If only partial scholarship, e.g. if tuition fee is unreasonably high compared with a similar programme in Denmark, then you will have to supplement with your own finances to cover the difference (or other funding).

For further information on opportunities and application procedures, you can contact with your students counsellor who also can assist you with formalities related to applying for the “Udlandsstipendium”.

Further information can be found at

Danish TAX and scholarships

It will always be your own responsibility to check up on the latest rules and regulations concerning tax issues.

But generally speaking and according to the Danish Customs and Tax Administration’s order dated 30 October 1991 grants received for exchange purposes are tax-free “when they are granted with the clause and purpose that they should be used for covering travel and accommodation costs/purposes”. It is therefore important that you provide documentation for all major expenditures during the exchange period, so that you can document to the Danish Tax authorities that your grant(s) actually has been used to cover expenses during your exchange. (So – always save your receipts – also boarding cards for airplanes etc.)

If you receive Danish SU – then check with the tax authorities regarding tax on SU and other scholarships during your exchange. In some cases you may avoid paying Danish income tax of your SU during an exchange.


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