Academy of Technologies and Business

International programmes are phasing out – what does it mean to you?

February 2022 is the last time, Zealand admits new students at international programmes.

Last standard teaching courses in 2022
This means, that we are phasing out courses and teaching as follows;

  • first semester courses will be held for the last time during the spring 2022
  • second semester courses will be held for the last time during the fall 2022
    … and so forth.

No standard teaching, if you are delayed
If your studies are extended beyond standard time limit, we will most likely not offer any standard teaching courses, which means that you may have to finish your studies as described below:

  •  self-study
  • take lessons at other locations
  • take lessons with several other classes
  • take courses in Danish (require Danish language skills)

What about your exams?
We still expect to offer you three exams attempts, no matter if your studies are delayed or not.

If you are delayed, please consult Student Counselling
If you need to exceed the standard time limit for your programme, please consult Zealand Student Counselling to make a plan to ensure, that you finish in the best way possible.


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