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Application and admission process – September 2021

When will I receive an answer to my application?

Current status

EU students: Most pre-admission letters have been send out.
NB: Only for some applicants with Zealand as first priority.

Applicants who haven’t received a pre-admission notice yet and applicants with Zealand as a lower priority must wait to the 28th of July for a final decision.

Non EU students: All students who need a student visa have received admission letters.
All first priority applications have received a decision regarding their application.

What will happen from now until the study start?

Important dates and deadlines a head: 

5th of July: Deadline for uploading diploma from qualifying exam. If you haven’t received your final diploma before the 5th of July, you can send it to us at following mail:

5th of July: Deadline for change in priorities. You can change your priorities on (where you applied for admission)

28th of July: Final notice about admission

  • 3 days to accept offer letter
  • When you have accepted the offer, you will receive access to Moodle (our online learning platform) where you can find information about the study start

In the middle of August: New at Zealand 3

  • Focus on the study start (Moodle), your entrance to Denmark, Student counselling and CPR registration and residence documents

Approx. 1st of September: Study start at Zealand

COVID-19 and Zealand

How is Denmark doing at the moment?

The situation in Denmark has been stabilised during the last couple of months and many restrictions have been lifted.

Though, some restrictions still apply:

  • Restricted opening hours on restaurants, bars and cafes
  • Night clubs are still closed
  • Face masks: very few places (public transportation when standing up, for COVID-19 tests)
  • You need a “corona passport” (a negative COVID-19 test max 72 hours old, prove for first shot of vaccine at least 14 days ago or a positive COVID-19 test which is at least 14 days old) to events, restaurants, bars, cafes, hairdressers, museums etc.

Furthermore, 1.6 million have been fully vaccinated (33% of the population) and everyone should be fully vaccinated late summer (at least those who accept the offer).

How can I get updated on the current situation with COVID-19 in Denmark?

Keep yourself updated on the current situation with Coronavirus in Denmark here:

You can also be updated on the current COVID-19 situation in Denmark at New at Zealand 3, which will take place in the middle of August.

How does COVID-19 affect studies at Zealand?

We are gradually getting back to a “new normal” with more physical presence at Campus.

Therefore, we expect that Zealand will be open for physical attendance for study start in September 2021.

Can I enter Denmark for the study start at Zealand?

All countries and regions are labelled as either yellow, orange or red by Danish authorities. The colour categories will determine which restrictions apply to you. You can keep yourself updated here:

The colours of the individual countries and regions are revised on a weekly basis.


How can I find accommodation in Denmark?

Unfortunately, Zealand has no accommodation facilities. Therefore, you have to find a place to live by yourself – but we can offer you guidance and support!

We have gathered a list of housing associations on our website: You can already sign up for waiting lists to accommodation. Be aware! : You must contact the associations directly to be signed up manually.

You can also find accommodation through Facebook groups. Check out the presentation “Accommodation” for links to specific groups in Roskilde, Køge and Næstved.

Furthermore, Study in Denmark have a guide to accommodation in Denmark for international students. This guide is a must-read for you as a newcomer to Denmark.

Student accommodation in Denmark: What should I be aware of?

It can be expensive to get settled in Denmark. You normally need to pay the first month rent + a deposit of three months’ rent as an initial payment. The initial payment will be returned to you when you move out (with deduction for maintenance costs). The monthly rent usually range from EUR 300 – EUR 600 per person depending on location and standard.


Most students in Denmark either rent a student hall of residence (Danish = kollegium) or rent a room in a shared apartment (for instance with fellow students).


Students need a final admission letter in order to fulfil the requirements for students residence (Danish = kollegium).

What if I don’t find accommodation before the study start?

We know it can be difficult to find a place to live from day 1. Our experience is that it is easier to find a place to live as soon as you arrive to Denmark. Nevertheless, hang in there!


Hotels/hostels might be a temporary solution for you until you have found a more permanent solution. Due to COVID-19, some hotels offer rent on monthly basis with student discount. The concept is called “Student hotels” and is for instance offered by the hotel chains Scandic and Cabinn. Airbnb might also be a great temporary option for you as a newcomer.


Check out the presentation “Accommodation” for more information.

Student job/part-time job

How can I find a student job in Denmark?

You can find student jobs at job portals such as and These job portals are the easiest way to find jobs. However, the competition is tough.

Therefore, we do recommend you to combine the research at these sites with unsolicited applications.

Many of our students find jobs through their network. Therefore, it is usually easier to find a student job when you are settled in Denmark and have a social network.

What kind of jobs can I get?

Usually, international students find jobs in the area of service and hospitality where you aren’t required to speak Danish. It could for instance be at bars, restaurants, telemarketing and delivery jobs.

Where can I get more information about the Danish labour market?

As an employee, it is important for you to know about your rights. You can read about your rights as an employee in Denmark here:

In Denmark, your employer is obligated by law to provide you with an employment contract. The contract describes the specific conditions of your employment. Get your employment contract translated, so you understand the conditions you agree to.

There are different rules and conditions for how many hours you can work and different circumstances if you are from EU/EAA or from outside the EU.

Get the necessary information here:

We have a long tradition for strong labour unions (Danish = fagforeninger) in Denmark. You should consider joining a labour union. The labour unions can provide you with employment-related legal support and guidance you may need. Moreover, they are able to negotiate on your behalf to secure you the best possible salaries and working conditions.

Studies at Zealand/in Denmark

What is characteristic for studies at Zealand/ in Denmark?

The Danish approach aims to involve students and encourage you to creative thinking. In general, students in Denmark can get a lot of influence, if they wish to engage in their studies.

At Zealand, we are passionate about the interaction between theory and practise. You will apply the theory you learn in lectures in the “real world” through internships and relevant cases from companies, to turn knowledge into innovative solutions.

 A lot of assignments and projects are done in groups. Here, you will collaborate with fellow students in order to find the best solutions for your project.

Can I contact some current students with my questions and concerns?

Yes! Our Student Ambassadors Jen, Zuzanna and Lucrezia are ready to answer your questions. Please, do not hesitate to contact them – they are ready to help you.


Jen (Multimedia Design and Communication):


Zuzanna (Commerce Management):


Lucrezia (Marketing Management/ Top Up Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing):

What should I be aware of as a newcomer to Denmark?

There are lot of new things to learn and adapt to as a new student in Denmark.

Our student ambassadors Jen, Lucrezia and Zuzanna have created a guide and a “Student Wiki” to you as a newcomer. You can find it here.


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