Academy of Technologies and Business

Selection criteria for AP and Top-Up programmes

When evaluating all applications, whether it is for an AP degree Programme or an Top-Up Bachelor Programme, we base the evaluation and qualifications on the following criteria:

  • Average grade from your qualifying exam
  • Other relevant education
  • Relevant work experience (minimum 3 months)
  • Study abroad, volunteering and military service etc. (minimum 3 months)
  • A motivation letter (read more about contents in this letter below)
  • Result of the English test submitted with the application
  • Result of an admission interview (only in certain cases)

Please note that some programmes have specific requirements.

  • For AP programmes:
  • For Top-Up programmes:

How do I document the criteria?


Criteria How to document
Other relevant educations This can be documented with diplomas and/or certificates, supplemented by a description of the contents/outcome, if relevant
Relevant work experience This can be documented by a letter from your employer stating:

1. period of employment (this should be minimum 3 months)
2. number of hours per week
3. job tasks performed

Please note that an internship, which is a part of a study program, does not count as work experience

Volunteering This can be documented by a letter from your superior stating:

1. period of volunteering,
2. number of hours per week
3. job tasks performed

It must state or confirm the duration of your stay with a minimum of 3 months.

Exchange and other stays abroad Study exchanges, paid/unpaid work and travels. This can be documented by including a diploma and/or certificate, supplemented by a statement and/or reference from the education institute or employer depending on the stay. It must state or confirm the duration of your stay with a minimum of 3 months.
Military service Documentation from the military stating the period served.
Motivation letter It is mandatory that you include a motivation letter with your application to convince us that you should be admitted. The motivation letter should include the following topics in the letter:

  1. Explain the choice of programme and your motivation for studying in Denmark (only if applying from abroad)
  2. Which specific competences do you have to contribute to the study environment?
  3. How can you contribute positively to the Danish society upon Graduation?

The letter should be no more than one A4 page and remember that it is NOT a CV.

Do not include everything, but be clear and precise in addressing the above three issues equally.

The motivation letter is NOT valid for proof of extra-curricular activities such as volunteering, study abroad or work experience. This must be proven as stated above.


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