Academy of Technologies and Business

Internship of the Year 2021

As a Zealand student you can nominate your internship before April 6th.

Does your internship deserve to win the award?

Have you been an intern in the autumn of 2020, or if you are currently in an internship?

This is your chance to give some recognition to the company where you interned or are currently interning.

Why is your internship the best of the year?

2020 and 2021 have been challenging because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But perhaps your internship has been a good experience despite – or perhaps even because – of COVID-19?

Maybe you can see your internship in the following: It has been an exciting experience where you have been able to apply your theoretical learnings in a practical setting. You were assigned and have performed interesting and challenging tasks. You were well-received and met with interesting challenges.

This is your chance to pay back the company and tell the world why your internship has been the best of the year.

Who can nominate?

All students at Zealand who have completed their internship in the autumn/winter period of 2020, or are currently in an active internship, can participate. Please note that the internship company must be a company in Denmark.

A panel of representatives from the business academy will pick the winner of this year’s Internship of the Year. The winner will qualify to compete in the national competition, Business Academy Internship of the Year, which will take place this year in Aarhus (COVID-19 permitting). Here finalists from the eight business academies in Denmark will compete for three awards, including the main award, Business Academy Internship of the Year.

We will unveil the winner of our Zealand Internship of the Year award in the middle of April.

Nominees will be judged on the following criteria

  • How the company has involved you and given you insights in e.g. the day-to-day maintenance and various tasks in the company
  • How much the company has enabled you to use your theoretical learnings in a practical setting
  • What you feel you have achieved by being an intern
  • What qualifications the company have given you that you can use in your future career
  • How the company has helped your personal growth


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