Don’t expect to find accommodation on a days notice. Make sure that you are in good time finding accommodation before arrival in Denmark.

Like other educational institution in Denmark Zealand has no residential/accommodation facilities and in principle the students have to make their own arrangements regarding board and lodging however, all of our campuses offer guidance and support in finding accommodation.

Please note that we normally distinguish between accommodation for full degree students and for exchange students.

General information:

In general accommodation in Denmark is expensive. The rent for a student dorm (single room, with small toilet and bath) normally range from EUR 300 to EUR 450. A shared two-room student dorm normally ranges from EUR 280 to EUR 450 per person. On top of the rent, sometimes you also must expect to pay for heating, water and electricity. As a new comer to Denmark you must anticipate that accommodation is expensive. Having been here for some time you can be lucky to find cheaper alternatives than mentioned here. Finding a cheap place to live is difficult and takes time.

When renting student accommodation in Denmark you normally need to pay the first month’s rent + a deposit of three months’ rent as one initial payment. The deposit of three months’ rent will be returned to you when you move out of the hall of residence (with deduction for maintenance costs). Please also observe that you need to give three months’ notice prior to moving out of the hall of residence. If you wish to move out from one day to another, your deposit will usually be lost.

You can also find more information about accommodation and tips from other students on the following website:

Furthermore, we can recommend the following websites for searching and applying for student and youth accommodation in Denmark:




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