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Digital exams: Written exams

When you have an online exam there won’t be supervisors, so you must declare on your honour that you, yourself, have written the assignment without illicit help or plagiarism. You declare this by filling in a cover sheet/ticking off a box in WISEflow, when you hand in your assignment. You cannot hand in your assignment in WISEflow without ticking off the statement of truth box.

Hand in consists of 3 steps: Upload – Fill in – Hand in

Please notice: When you tick off the statement of truth, you declare under penalty of perjury

    • That you have not received help from others when making the assignment
    • That you have not used other’s assignments or work without making correct source references (this is plagiarism)
    • That you have not used your own previous assignments without making correct source references (this is self-plagiarism)


All exam assignments at Zealand are run through the Urkund database to search for plagiarism. If plagiarism is found in your assignment you may be expelled or quarantined from you study programme. If you have questions, about what plagiarism is and how you make correct source references – you can learn more at:

Do you need to take a planned physically held exam digitally?

Application to take the exams digitally via Zoom – instead of physically

As a rule, Zealand will execute all exams digitally held during Spring 2021.

Few exams will, due to academic reasons, be physically at Zealand. Because of the corona situation there might be cases where a student is not able to attend physically and will have to take the exam via Zoom. In such cases it will be possible to participate via zoom instead.

If you need to make use of the opportunity to the exam via Zoom, your case must fulfil one of following conditions:

By ticking off and sending in this form you declare on your honor that special circumstances exists in your case, which allows you to take the exam digitally.

  • I am tested positive with Covid-19, but wish take the exam
  • I am in isolation or quarantine (due to close contact who is infected or awaiting test-result etc.)
  • I live in a household with a person in the risk group
  • I am abroad (outside Denmark) or I quarantine after travelling outside Denmark

You have to apply, via a form, in order to take the exam digitally.

The form must be sent to as soon as possible and no later than 8:00 AM on the day of the exam.


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