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Code of conduct

As a globally oriented Danish educational institution, Zealand and acknowledges the principles of the Code of Conduct developed by the Danish Rectors’ Conference – University Colleges Denmark & Rectors’ Conference – Academies of Professional Higher Education Denmark.

When offering international educational programmes and when promoting international programmes globally we fully agree that the institutions, organizations and marketing intermediates must conform with a set of ethical guidelines for the recruitment, admission and education of international students.

Here you can read the Code of Conduct in full.

International obligations
Zealand recognize our international obligations and besides joining and acknowledging the Rectors’ Conference general Code of Conduct we have taken our international obligations further.

Cooperation Agreement
All representatives, agents or marketing intermediates must sign a cooperation agreement with Zealand. The cooperation agreement specifies our general terms of cooperation, rights and responsibilities, financial obligations, payments of commission (and conditions) and country specific admission requirements in accordance with the guidelines from the Danish Agency for International Education.

Here you can read a sample Cooperation Agreement.

Zealand – Academy of Technologies and Business Code of Conduct
All representatives, agents or marketing intermediates must join and sign a Zealand Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct refers to the general code of the Rectors’ Conference and sets out a set of responsibilities and obligations which all parties must join and act in accordance with.

Here you can read an example of the Code of Conduct that all partners must join.

Quality in international recruitment
Since 2010 we have introduced a concept called “quality in international recruitment”. Initially it was introduced as a pilot project on one campus but since January 2012 it has been implemented fully. The concept was introduced to make sure that we as an educator and our international representatives, agents or marketing intermediates honour the responsibilities and obligations defined by the Code of Conduct we have joined. In other words, do all parties act like we have promised to act – and we let the users – the students – make this evaluation.

After each intake of international students we carry out a survey among the relevant group of students. An international student must take part in the survey approximately one month after having joined the programme.

Based upon the survey results we are able to evaluate the performance of each or our international representatives, agents or marketing intermediates from a user’s point of view, i.e. the student’s. Further, the survey gives us an important input regarding our own performance as an educational institution.

At your right you can see a green menu box containing links to the latest survey results in a summarized form.

Each year we publish a report summarizing the survey results, our own comments and identified areas of action to improve the quality of our international recruitment activities and processes. Further, on a yearly basis, all our partners will have this general report together with the respective partner evaluation, and recommended actions to be taken to improve the quality of their actions.



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