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SPS – support for students with special needs

What is SPS? 

If you have physical or mental disabilities, you can apply for Special Educational Support (SPS). The purpose of SPS is to to provide compensatory support so that students with disabilities are able to complete a study programme on equal terms with students who do not have disabilities.

Conditions for receiving SPS

  • Official documentation of your disability from your doctor, a specialist doctor or a hospital
  • You are enrolled in a fulltime study programme and are an active student
  • You experience difficulties with your studies as a direct result of your disability

Who can apply for SPS? 

Students with an EU or EEA citizenship who are enrolled in a fulltime study programme at Zealand can apply for SPS. Students from a non-European country can, however, only be granted SPS if they have been granted equal status with Danish citizens.

SPS is available for students with one or more of the following conditions:

  • Dyslexia (e.g. dyslexia programs and dyslexia tests)
  • Hearing impairments (e.g. interpreter assistance)
  • Visual impairments (e.g. reading software and secretarial assistance)
  • Mental disorders such as ADHD/ADD, borderline, stress/PTSD and Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) (e.g. support from a mentor or study coach)
  • Mobility impairments (e.g. ergonomic furniture and various types of aids)
  • Chronical or serious illnes sthat gives learning disabilities in relation to for instance physical mobility and eyesight (e.g. support from a mentor, aids and secretarial assistance)

Contact the Student Counsellors 

The student counsellors at Zealand can assist you with further information about SPS and discuss your specific need for support. When you and the student counsellor have agreed on what to apply for, the student counsellor will submit the SPS application on your behalf.

Usually, the processing time for the application can be several weeks. So, we recommend that you apply for SPS as soon as possible. If you are a new student at Zealand, this means that you should contact the student counsellors as soon as you have accepted your study place. Please, click here for the student counsellors’ contact details.


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