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Study abroad within the EU - Erasmus

The study abroad semester is hosted by one of the institutional partners where Zealand has signed an exchange agreement formalizing an exchange cooperation. In cases with countries where we don’t have an institutional partner the host institution will be based on the student’s own network. As student you join as a so-called free-rider, you need to obtain all relevant information by yourself and you cannot receive financial support from the Erasmus Plus programme.

Study abroad within the EU incl. Norway, Iceland, Turkey, Lichtenstein also included, are based on the European cooperation initiative: Erasmus Plus. The study abroad can take place at one of Zealand’s Erasmus Plus exchange partners. A study abroad exchange under the Erasmus Plus programme must have a duration between 3 and 12 months (normally a semester) and the student should be given full credit by the home institution for the part of the study programme studied abroad.

Study Abroad within the Erasmus Plus cooperation programme must be hosted by one of ZIBATs institutional Erasmus Plus partners. It is a requirement that the foreign institution is nationally recognized as a higher education institution in the institutions home country. Further, it is required that the foreign institution is a registered institution with the Erasmus Plus programme and has been awarded an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

Zealand has been registed and hold an extended Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. Our Erasmus code is: DK KOGE 03

As a new Action (2015) study abroad students also can be considered for Erasmus Plus with institutional partners outside EU/EEA under the Erasmus Plus partner country programme. ZIBAT holds a number of Erasmus Plus grant for specific countries/institutions outside EU/EEA. Ask your International Mobility Ambassador about possibilities.

Prior to participating in a study abroad exchange an agreement must be joined (Learning Agreement) between your home institution, the host institution and the student specifying the contents of the study abroad and courses offered by the host institution. The Learning Agreement also must address the question of how many credits (ECTS) the student is credited for the completed study abroad.

It is possible to combine study abroad with an internship exchange abroad provided that the study abroad exchange and the internship exchange are part of a “package programme” done as an extension of one another. A combined study abroad exchange and internship exchange should last between 3 and 12 months

Financing and grants

Applicants who have an Erasmus Plus exchange approved can apply for being nominated for financial support in the form of a grant. Nomination is an internal procedure where we qualify Erasmus Plus applicants according to a set of nomination criteria’s. In the download box to your left hand side you can see our nomination criteria’s.

Nominated applicants can have funding for the full duration of the internship, partial funding (combined with a “0”/zero grant), or no funding at all, a zero grant intern. Funding depends on number of applicants and funds available.

Study Abroad exchanges as free-riders can NOT have support from the Erasmus Plus programme.

Danish students are further permitted to take their student grant from Danish Government (SU) with them when taking part in an exchange abroad.

You can find more information on scholarships, SU and financing on this site.

You can normally only take part in one study abroad exchange with the Erasmus Plus grant within same educational programme and you can maximum have support for 2 semesters/12 months.

How to apply

On this site go to apply if you wish to apply for a study abroad exchange under the Erasmus Plus Programme. Under apply you find the relevant application procedure for applying and downloadable documents needed to file the application for an Erasmus Plus study abroad.


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