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Erasmus Plus Downloads

Here you can find the relevant downloads needed for filing your application with us.

STEP 1: Student Applicant Form
STEP 2: Erasmus Plus Learning Agreement

All exchanges under the Erasmus Plus programme must be agreed by using the Erasmus Plus Learning Agreement template. Here you can download (word format) the blank template of Erasmus Plus Learning Agreement.
Erasmus Plus Learning Agreement – writeable word format

Instructions on how to fill the Learning Agreement:
The template is divided into 3 sections: Before Mobility; During Mobility and After Mobility.
You ONLY fill in the relevant parts under the Before Mobility Section

1. Insert the relevant academic year and student name in “page header”

2. First box on page 1: Fill in the relevant information under “student” and “sending institution”

3. Second box, “Before the Mobility – Table A”:

Here you copy the course information (course name and ECTS) from the relevant semester you wish to join with us. Your find the exchange semesters we offer here:

4. Third box: Here you indicate your proficiency in “ENGLISH”

5. Fourth box: “Before the Mobility – Table B”:

Here you write the course information (course name and ECTS) which your home institution (sending institution) upon completion of the exchange semester will recognize towards the home institution major.  Please note that exchanges under the Erasmus Plus programme must be recognized by the sending institution.

6. Send us the completed draft Learning Agreement (step 1-6) as a word document by email. We will finalize the draft and confirm by sending you the signed Learning Agreement as a pdf document for student and sending institution commitment (signatures).


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