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In accordance with Danish regulation we have implemented a quality concept and policy where we both survey among our staff as well as students. The overall aim is to have a solid basis for developing the yearly action plan aimed at meeting our users even better.

Student Surveys

Zealand conducts an annual opinion survey among students on all our campuses and among students in all our educational programmes. Among others, the survey enables the academy to improve both teaching and study environment.

Benchmark Surveys

A similar survey is conducted simultaneously at all academies in Denmark. In this way the academies are able to compare results and learn from those institutions which do particularly well in certain areas. This survey is named the benchmark survey.

Quality in international recruitment

Zealand has also introduced a concept called “quality in international recruitment”. The concept was introduced to make sure that we as an educator and our international representatives, agents or marketing intermediates honour the responsibilities and obligations defined by the Code of Conduct we have joined.

In other words, do all parties act like we have promised to act – and we let the users – the students – make this evaluation.

Based upon the survey results we are able to evaluate the performance of each or our international representatives, agents or marketing intermediates from a user’s point of view, i.e. the student’s. Further, the survey gives us an important input regarding our own performance as an educational institution.


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