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New students

What does it mean to be a student at Zealand?

When you start at Zealand you will probably find that there are many new things that you have to get used to; new people, new educational institution, new ways of learning and studying and a lot of practical things you have to take care of. With help from your lecturers, the study secretaries, the student counsellors and your fellow students you will figure it all out as you go.

Find the right study/life balance

As a full time student you should expect to spend around 40 hours per week on your studies. Some of the hours will be spend in class or doing group work at Zealand. The rest of the time, you have to manage on your own. We strongly suggest that you make a week planner of some sort, so that you can make sure that (apart from studying) you have time to experience the new city that you live in, meet with friends, connect with your family and, not least, just relax.

New forms of teaching and studying

You may find that being a student at a higher education programme in Denmark is different from what you are used to in your home country. Our programmes are quite intensive with many subjects that you have to study.

Apart from attending classes, you should also expect to spend many hours working on projects in groups and sometimes you have to make a presentation in front of the whole class.

You will get to work with real cases from real companies, giving you a good opportunity to combine theory and practise. Depending on the semester, you may also experience extracurricular activities during the year, such as field trips, visits from experienced business people, CV and job application workshops etc.

A full time student

It is time consuming being a full time student and it has to be a main priority if you  want to do well. Some of the material that you have to read will be difficult to understand at first. You will be introduced to new theories and terms, and you will probably have to work hard for a while before you fully grasp the meaning and before you can use the theories and terms in practice.

It’s your responsibility – but you can get help

At Zealand, we expect you to prepare for classes at home, to participate actively in class and group work and to take responsibility for your own learning. However, you are not on your own.

Your teachers will help “translate” the terms, messages, requirements etc. that you do not understand at first, and in that way they will guide you through your studies. Just ask them if you have questions.

If you need help in relation to personal issues, exam anxiety, motivational problems or other study-related issues, you are welcome to contact the student counsellors. If you have questions regarding your schedule, access to the online systems, exams etc., you are welcome to contact the study secretary.

Finally, we also advice you to talk to your fellow students if you are worried about something.  Maybe they have been in a similar situation and maybe they found a good way to deal with the issues that worried them.

Study Trip

Some of our programs offer the opportunity to go on a study trip during one of the semesters. If this is the case at your study program, you will get more information about it when you start your studies.

The study trip is an offer to you as a student and not an obligatory part of your education. You have to pay for the study trip yourself.


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