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Exam appeals

If you want to complain about an exam you must do so by using the form on this page. But before you fill out the form, please take following into consideration:

  • You exam appeal must be substantiated
  • It is important that you are precise in relation to your exam and your performance
  • No matter if you appeal concerns your grade or the exam assignment, you have to be detailed in your explanation

Before you file an exam appeal

If you are a student and would like to lodge an appeal regarding your exams, there are several conditions you should be aware of. What is your reason for filing an exam appeal? An exam appeal must be substantiated.

Remember: The deadline for filing an exam appeal is 14 days from you receive your grade.

When you have filed an exam appeal, it can take up to 6 weeks to process your appeal.

Fill out the exam appeal form

General advice

1. Remember to sleep on it before you choose to lodge an appeal. The appeal must be substantiated and that takes time.

2. Remember that when you accept an offer of a re-assessment or re-examination, you may receive a lower grade – but only if you receive and accept an offer of re-examination or re-assessment.

3. Write and submit your appeal even if you are not able to speak with your examiner before the two-week deadline.

4. An appeal must be submitted no later than two weeks after publication of the grade. For oral exams, this is the date on which you take the exam, and for written exams, this is the date on which the grade is published on Wiseflow. In general, your appeal will be rejected if you do not meet the deadline. It is therefore important to be aware of all the time limits.

5. The appeal must be submitted electronically via the form on this page.

Read more

This is a condensed guide to filling out exam appeals. Please see the full explanation for detailed instructions.


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