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Internships and career possibilities: For students

Find information about internship depending on the programme you’re enrolled in.

Business, Administration & Finance

AP Commerce Management Programme

Study Management in Denmark! Meet the challenge – skilled, motivated and competent supervisors are in great demand.

The Commerce Management programme aims to qualify you to work in Service Centres all around the world with a variety of career opportunities. Typical jobs would be positions such as supervisor, project manager or business planner in the retail, logistics and tourist sector.

The commerce management programme is a two year Academic Program. The education is organized as a combination of lessons and a practical education in an internship in one or more companies in Denmark or abroad. The internship is designed as a long uninterrupted progress so that the company can have sufficiently complex tasks completed, and the student can acquire a thorough experience in professional practice.

The Commerce Management programme gives you an academic background for continuing your studies with the Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing.

AP Marketing Management Programme

Are you pursuing an international career within business? Then the AP Degree Programme in Marketing Management would be an excellent choice to kick-start your career goals.

The programme qualifies you to start your business career as e.g. a marketing coordinator, a sales consultant, export, sales or purchasing assistant, information assistant, advertising consultant or a trainee.

The programme is a study of international communication and marketing, culture, business economy, analysis and international trade that qualifies you to take on a job within marketing, export, sales, purchasing, logistics, project management, or to launch your own business.

You will have both the academic insight as well as practical experience for being successful and the basis for further advancements to e.g. marketing manager, production manager, sales manager, export manager, purchasing manager, store manager, information manager, or stipendiary exporter.

If you have an innovative spirit and entrepreneurial personality then the programme also might be your way to gain insight and qualifications for starting your own business adventure.

The Marketing Management program gives a very strong academic background for studying for the Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing.

Bachelor of International Sales and Marketing Management Programme

The international sales and marketing management programme is aimed at students wishing to have the right mix of sales and marketing competences in jobs such as: International Sales Representative, Executive Sales Supporter, Key Account Manager, Sales Planner, Assistant Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Sales and Marketing Coordinator.

There is a growing demand for employees within international sales and marketing and the programme reflects the ever growing internationalisation of the business community – especially the segment of small and medium sized companies.

The syllabus and learning objectives of the programme are based on research into the future requirements of business and industry for staff with an international profile, good language skills and a broad foundation in economics, with a special view to coping with marketing assignments. You will gain thorough insight into Marketing, Logistics, Management and Organisation, Finance and Economics, and Business Law.

The purpose of the programme is to qualify the students to work independently in analysing, planning and implementing domestic and international marketing activities in trade, production and service industries.

The Bachelor of International Sales and Marketing Management Programme is a 1,5 year top-up to that requires an AP Degree for admission. For further information look under ‘Admission’.

Management, Logistic & Service

AP Logistic Management Programme

The Business Logistics Management programme is a two-year professionally oriented higher education programme, which qualifies you to work within the field of international transport and logistics.

Throughout the course, you will study a wide range of logistics, transport and market-based issues, with focus on a relevant combination of theoretical and practical skills.

After completion of the education programme graduates are eligible for excellent job possibilities within Logistics Management in Denmark and abroad. Your Logistics Management degree qualifies you job such as Logistics consultant or manager, Export consultant or manager, Production planner, Transport planner, International marketing consultant, Purchasing consultant, etc.

AP Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management Programme

The Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management Programme is available for admission in september. It is a two year programme and provides job opportunities within tourism, hotel and catering, entertainment as well as sports and events.

The Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management Programme is available for admission in September. It is a two-year programme and provides job opportunities within tourism, hotel and catering as well as entertainment.
Areas of expertise are management, marketing, personnel and development. Utilizing the combined knowledge of commercial, cultural and innovative aspects and principles of sustainable development with methodical considerations in the planning and organization of services.

Employment most often found in middle management, but becoming an entrepreneur or working with trainees is also an option. It equips you to interact and collaborate in management teams and effectively build customer relations with people from various educational, linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

The programme is progressive and depending on your area of specialization, you work within:

  • Tourism Management i.e. in booking, tourist and travel agencies, charter and cruise tourism.
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management i.e. at conference centres, hotels, restaurants, spa and wellness and B&B.
  • Service Management i.e. consulting and training companies, health and treatment centres.

Internship and Thesis
Part of the education takes place in close cooperation with practical cases and the industry. You must complete a 13-week compulsory internship within your choice of specialty. Either in a Danish or international company. Choices of specialty are between:

  • Tourism
  • The Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Service Management

Further Education

A Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree gives you access to following top-up programmes:

  • P.Ba in International Hospitality Management
  • International Sales and Marketing
  • Innovation

A top-up takes one and a half years.

A top-up gives access to Master’s programmes. The vast majority of graduates choose to get a job and get some work experience prior to further studies.

IT, Web & Multimedia

AP Computer Science Programme

The programme in Computer Science provides you with a broad profile in IT. You will be in a position to develop, update and maintain IT systems on your own initiative, both in public institutions and in companies.

The Programme in Computer Science combines theory with practical problem issues and provides relevant job qualifications. You will gain a thorough insight into computer methodology and concepts, business organization, economics, production management, and environmental conditions related to business.

The Computer Science programme combines theory with practical problem issues and provides relevant job qualifications. You will become thoroughly versed in computer methodology and concepts. To which must be added: thorough knowledge of business organisation, economics, production management and environmental conditions with the businesses.

Bachelor of Digital Concept Development

Would you like to create our digital future? Do you dream of creating services and commerce solutions the customer actually want? Are you a digital marketing campaigner or communication nerd by heart?

The Digital Concept Development programme is aimed at students with a desire to work with concept development of digital commerce and serviceplatforms on a visually strategic and practical level.

Some of our subjects:

  • Digitale trends
  • Servicedesign
  • User-driven innovation
  • Project Management
  • Experience Economy
  • Intercultural Relationships & Communications
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Storytelling
  • E-learning
  • User Research
  • Interface- and Interaction Design
  • Start ups
  • Leisure Economy

The program offers a mix of E-Commerce and E-Design and students will obtain a wide knowledge of digital communication and social media marketing. The teaching will take place in a multi-cultural environment with emphasis on teamwork, project work and close relationship to companies and organisations.

The program qualifies you for jobs within the following areas: Development of digital advertising, social media strategy, communication and design concepts for interactive digital advertising/marketing solutions, Strategically based concept development of e-shops/e-commerce solutions and e-marketing as well as administrative, monitoring and analytic operation and further development of e-shops/e-commerce solutions.

The program qualifies also for master programs at ITU, AALBORG CPH and CBS.

The Bachelor of Digital Concept Development Programme is a 1,5 year top-up to that requires an AP Degree for admission. For further information look under ‘Admission’.

AP Multimedia Design and Communication

The Multimedia design and communication programme provides knowledge within all areas of multimedia and marketing production and deals with digital media and communication.

This knowledge allows you to be a participant in all stages of a production or a project coordinator of media work or multimedia production. Your future title, depending on your specialization profile, can be Multimedia designer, Webmaster, Web designer, Web developer, Project manager, Multimedia consultant, Media Planner, It-supporter or Network administrator.

See the full feature on Ali Arrab The Boxer here.

The study is certified by the Ministry of Education and is a two-year programme, consisting of four semesters. When you sign up for Multimedia design and communication, you will be working with practical and theoretical areas.

Bachelor of Web Development

Are you pursuing a career in web development or e-business?

The structure and the make-up of the programme are clearly aimed at the future which everybody within the web and multimedia businesses anticipates. This means that the emphasis is on the students working with technologies which will ensure that they will be prepared to assume many different jobs such as: Internet Programmer (web, html, java, perl), Multimedia Programmer, System Developer, Webmaster, Application Developer, Web Developer and IT Developer, etc.

The curriculum and learning objectives of the programme are based on research into the future requirements of the web and media industry for staff with a broad foundation in web and multimedia technologies. You will gain thorough insight into e.g. Databases and XML, Web Communication and Network? Sociology, Development Environments and CMS, Interface Design and Digital Aesthetics, Advanced Media Technologies, Project Management and? Security. The purpose of the programme is to qualify the students to work independently in designing and constructing web applications of all sizes.

The Bachelor of E-Concept Development Programme is a 1,5 year top-up to that requires an AP Degree for admission. For further information look under ‘Admission’.


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