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SU is the Danish State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme. As an EU or EEA citizen you can apply for SU for a fulltime study programme in Denmark. Following is an introduction to the conditions you must fulfil and the things you need to know before you can apply for SU.


You are required to work a minimum of 10-12 hours per week for a consecutive period of at least 10 weeks; i.e. a total min­imum of 43 hours per month*. There is no maximum as to how many hours you can work, but there is a limit to how much you can earn besides your SU. Currently this amount is DKK 13.375 per month (before taxes).

The SU Agency will make random checks to establish that you work enough hours and it is your responsibility to inform them if you lose your job or do not work the required number of hours. Failing to do so will result in a demand for re-payment of your SU.

The SU Agency may refuse to grant you SU if your hourly wage is too low, i.e. much below the normal minimum wages in Denmark which is approx. DKK 110 per hour.

When you are doing your unpaid internship, you cannot get SU unless you keep your part-time job besides the full-time internship. You have to inform the SU Agency when you start your internship in case you do not keep your part-time job.

Remember that you have to pay taxes when working in Denmark – learn more about Danish tax at “SKAT and Tax card”

* These rules and requirements do not apply for Danish citizens.

How to apply for SU

Here you find a guide about how to apply for SU

Contact the SU agency
You can only contact the SU agency by Digital Post. To do that you must log on to or your e-Boks with your NemID.

Contact Zealand’s SU office
If you have questions concerning SU, please contact the SU office at your campus, you will find contact information here.


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