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As an exchange student under the Erasmus Plus programme or international exchange student from one of our NON-EU partners, you will join our regular full time programmes where you will be integrated into one of our existing international classes and join for one semester.

Compared to other countries our programme majors consist of a fixed pre-defined semester programme with mainly compulsory/mandatory course elements and in some cases combined with an elective course component (elective courses).

When you join us as an exchange student, your challenge is to find the right programme major and right semester to join.

You CANNOT combine course offers from different programme majors nor can you combine between semesters on same programme major. You will have to choose a specific programme major and a specific semester to join.

Our International Mobility Ambassadors will be of assistance and in general we recommend you to connect with one of the Mobility Ambassadors for assistance when you decide on your exchange programme (semester) with us. You find the Mobility Ambassadors in the right hand menu.


Below you find a guide to which programme majors and which semesters we offer exchange students to join. Semesters and programmes marked with “EXCHANGE” are open for exchange students to join (Please remember you CANNOT combine courses from different programmes/semesters!).

The programme curricula follow a Danish curricula tradition with a focus on thematically learning (knowledge, skills and competences) rather than a more traditional focus on courses and course description. Recognizing that it can be difficult to identify courses in a more traditional format, below you will find a more traditional presentation of a course catalogue for each exchange semester.

In below course catalogue you find each semester elaborated with information on courses, course content and ECTS for each component. You MUST join as a full time student and one semester as a full time student equals 30 ECTS.

AP Degree Programmes

Marketing Management
Service, Hospitality & Tourism Management
Multimedia Design
Computer Science
Logistics Management

Bachelor Degree Programmes

International Sales and Marketing Management
Web Development
Leisure Management
Bachelor of Architechtural Technology and Construction Management


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