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As an exchange student under the Erasmus Plus programme or international exchange student from one of our NON-EU partners (bilateral exchange student), you will join our regular full time programmes where you will be integrated into one of our existing international classes and join for one semester.

Incoming students will be offered an exchange semester / exchange course package / which represent courses that we also offer to our local Danish students. As an incoming exchange student you will study courses where other incoming exchange students are mixed with local Danish full degree students studying the course in English.

In this way we aim that exchange students will become more integrated with Danish students, Danish culture and the Danish way of living. Further, we aim that our local students enjoy a stronger benefit from having a much more active interaction with our incoming exchange students.

You CANNOT combine course offers from different exchange programmes. You will have to choose a specific exchange programme and select among courses offered.


Below you find a selection of exchange programme offers. Please observe availability of each programme offer. Each exchange offer is linked to a full description of the exchange offer (courses, course descriptions, learning outcome and ECTS). Click the offer relevant to see the full description of the exchange offers. Please remember you CANNOT combine courses from different programmes/exchange packages!


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