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Who can apply?

Here you find instructions on how to apply for a study abroad semester or an internship abroad.

Be aware that it may take a long time to apply for an exchange abroad and that there are a lot of procedures to observe and documents to keep track of. Depending on the type of exchange programme you apply for, you can get help and assistance from your local International Mobility Ambassador and/or student counsellor.

Deadlines to observe

Students must no later than 15. March (exchanges during the Autumn semester) or 25. September (after this date will depend on partner availability) apply Zealand for our approval and support for an exchange abroad. You apply to your local International Mobility Ambassador.

In special cases we are flexible regarding the above dates/deadlines especially when it comes to Internships abroad.

Applying for our approval and support for a study abroad semester

If you wish to study a semester abroad as part of studying for your major with Zealand we recommend that you as a first step file an application for our pre-approval and support.

You apply before the internal deadline by using the special application form which can be found in the download menu on this site. Apply directly to your local International Mobility Ambassador.

If you apply for an exchange with one of our partner institutions next step normally would be a personal clarification and motivation meeting with the Ambassador. If you apply for an exchange with an institution where we don’t have a partner agreement – a so-called “free rider” exchange – you additionally will have to submit your academic arguments and motivation for applying for an exchange with the institution in question (max. 1 page)

In general study abroad with partner institutions are pre-approved – but consider alternatives since we only have a limited seats available each semester with each partner institution. Exchanges with institutions where we don’t have a partner agreement are normally only approved if specific academic arguments motivate the institutional choice. Thus we reserve the right to reject an application for an exchange with a non-partner institution if the applicant can’t motivate the choice academically.

Applying for our approval and support for an internship abroad

If you wish to do your mandatory internship abroad it is important to note that ONLY your internship coordinator can approve the chosen host company/organisation as well as the contents and learning objectives of the training/internship.

It can be a challenge to find a host company abroad for hosting your internship. That’s also why deadlines for applying are more flexible when it comes to internships in general and especially internships funded under the Erasmus Plus programme. The international Mobility ambassador might be of assistance towards different partners and/or organisations assisting students in finding an internship host company/organisation. BUT be aware that most external partners also charge a service fee ranging between EUR 1,000 – 2,000 (or even more) which your will have to pay by yourself. In most cases (and for certain countries) you get value for your money since arranging by yourself would be almost impossible without local contacts.

In general, you DO NOT need a pre-approved for internships abroad BUT you need to observe that the internship coordinator MUST approve the internship host company as well as learning objectives. IF you wish to do your internship under the Erasmus Plus programme with a possibility of funding from the programme you MUST follow the instructions found on this site as well as using the documents found to formalize your internship.

When we have approved (nominated) your study abroad exchange the institution abroad is contacted, and a learning agreement must be joined and signed covering the intended study abroad.

When we have approved your internship abroad the company is contacted, and an internship agreement is signed by the parties concerning the contents of the internship. The agreement must be approved by Zealand within 14 days after you having joined internship. Further, you must pay attention to your insurance coverage for accidents and liabilities during the internship. If you are covered under the company insurance (according to Danish legislation for internships in Denmark) you are covered. BUT abroad you might have to insure yourself and we recommend that you follow our guidelines – mandatory for Erasmus Plus internships. Explore further under insurance on this site.


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